Our Athletes & other words.....

We believe running should be fun. 

Train hard, but carry extra glitter.

BLurb……Team Sparkle is dedicated to growing the Trail Running community through education and events (and glitter!)
Looking for just a little extra help?
Maybe you have a list of questions, or just need some advice on a race. Interested in help with a training plan? 
We love running and believe that it’s a sport that has room for everyone. 
When we train people we put a lot of focus on solid base building and injury prevention. Of course we get excited about PR’s, but we’re incredibly passionate about the sport of running and want to share in creating a lifelong love and longevity in the sport.

It's Not Luck, We Train For This

Email teamsparklellc@gmail.com for more information or to setup a meeting. 

Team Sparkle Athlete Profiles


Athlete 1


Athlete 2