To Hill and Back 2023
Register for the 2023 Challenge!

How many hill repeats can you run between April 1 and December 31, using Signal Oak, Ogg Road, and 55th Street Hills? 

Ogg road runs through Shawnee Mission Park between 79th street and Midland Drive in Shawnee, KS.  The half a mile segment garners approximately 190 feet of gain. 

Signal Oak runs between N 500 rd and E 1750 rd in Baldwin City, KS. The half a mile segment also garners approximately 190 ft of gain.

55th street runs between Alden St and Pflumm Road in Shawnee, KS and also garners 199 ft of gain.

Registration will remain open until I Double Ogg Dare You on April 30, 2023.  

Registration $45.

Rules & Data Collection:

  • Runners will enter the number of repeats run each week through their RunReg account.  Please make sure you keep up with this.  There is a leader board and it is in the spirit of a fair competition for those looking to win to be able to see where they fall.

  • When entering your hills you enter the NUMBER OF REPEATS.  It says miles, but we do NOT want decimal points.  If you run 3 Oggs and get 3.14 miles you still just enter 3. 

  • We will send an additional email at the start of the challenge reiterating how to enter your totals. You can email if you are having any trouble uploading. 

  • All hills run between April 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023 count towards the challenge.

  • The final date to upload hills will be January 7, 2024.  After that winners will be announced and no more uploads will be accepted. 

  • Oggs run during the race I Double Ogg Dare You DO count towards your final count.  

  • Ogg Road is CLOSED for I Double Ogg Dare You on April 30, 2023 and only registered runners will be able to log Oggs during the race hours. 

  • You are completely responsible for your safety when running.  You must run during open park hours and be aware that it is a trafficked and open road.   Run against traffic, make yourself seen, and be careful. We highly recommend lights and reflective vests.  We’ve had runners make and place runners on the road signs at the top and bottom of the hill while running.  You are more than welcome to do so.  Ogg and SIgnal Oak roads do NOT have sidewalks.  55th street has a sidewalk for runners. 

    Running Segments:

      Prizes and Swag:

      • All registered runners will receive a custom bandana.  (They will be mailed out after registration is closed.)

      • There will be an overall first and second place runner as the runners with the most hill repeats run during that time.  These are NOT categorized by gender and are based solely on the amount of hills run.  

      • Any runner completing 150 repeats during the allotted time frame will receive a customized trucker hat. 

      • 1,000 Repeats: Any runner who completes 1,000 repeats cumulatively, meaning from 2020 forward during these challenges, will receive a personalized sweatshirt.

      • 5,000 Repeats: Any runner who completes 5,000 repeats cumulatively, meaning from 2020 forward during these challenges will receive a personalized vest.

      • 10,000 Repeats:  Any runner who completes 10,000 repeats cumulatively, meaning from 2020 forward during these challenges will receive a personalized jacket. 

      Happy Hilling!! 

      Leia & Coleen

      Team Sparkle Productions