Ogg Challengers of 2020



Definition of


noun     a road in Shawnee, Kansas that runs through Shawnee Mission Park between 79th street and Midland Drive; a half mile paved road with over 190 feet of climb (one trek up and down is equivalent to a mile); a long time hill training favorite of locals


Example of: hill

The Totals Are In!

    Thank you all so much for participating. It’s been incredible watching how much everyone has done. We never could’ve anticipated some of the totals that we have. We’ve ended with 15 people who hit 150 Oggs!

    Our overall leader and female winner is Nell Bessinger with 806 Oggs. That’s such an incredible amount of hill repeats. Our male winner is Darin Brunin with 623. 

    We never expected to see our finisher totals that high. It’s incredibly impressive.

    Collectively, you all ran 4,344 repeats!

    Congratulations and thank you again for your participation.

    Official results on UltraSignup are posted at the link.

    For those of you that hit 150, we’re putting in orders for hats and we’ll be connecting with you in order to make sure we’re sending it to the right place.