It's not luck, we train for this.

“We believe running should be fun.

Train hard, but carry extra glitter.”

Coaching Services

Whether you’re brand new to running or have been running for years, we’re here to help.


…Leia provided a plan that took my running experience into consideration but helped plan the right training run distances at the right times, as well as strength work. I trusted and followed the plan. It was a relief not to wonder if I was doing it right and to let her handle that piece. I was so pleased to PR my 50 miler by almost two hours and my 100 miler by 5 hours (!). Best of all, my body held up well during both races, and I recovered quickly.

Ashley Shaw

The weekly training schedules and strength training I receive from Team Sparkle has given me the confidence and ability to complete multiple ultramarathons.  Coleen’s exuberance is infectious and she clearly loves what she does.

Wes Baker