Team Sparkle

Group Training & Plans

Hill Training - Spring & Fall

11-Week Training Group that meets at different locations around the KC metro to run hill repeats with an amazing and supportive community.

You will have the option to purchase a distance specific training program for a 10K, 1/2 marathon, or full marathon or you can just join the hill training group and follow your own program. If you purchase a training program, you will receive a PDF of the 10 week program at the beginning of the training group.

5K Training - Fall

Couch to 5k training group with coaching leading to a 5k at the Kansas City Metro Area.

Speed Work - Summer

Join Team Sparkle Productions for 9 weeks of workouts!

Coach Leia Anderson and Amber Harris will lead you through warmups, structured workouts, and stretching each week at Apsiria fitness center’s indoor track.  

This is for any athlete who wants to work on speed, learn about different types of speed workouts and training, and learn to push themselves differently.   You do not have to have ever touched a track before to participate or have done speedworkout in your training.  All paces are welcome, though we recommend that you are comfortable running 3-4 miles at a time.   

Goal: The purpose of this session is to not just work on becoming faster.  We want participating athletes to understand how to output higher efforts, maintain higher cadence, and also adapt to being able to handle some of the physical discomfort of running which translates to both speed and endurance.  Our first and last week we’ll have a 400m and 1 mile time trial.  

Hawk Training Group

You will receive a general training plan  for March – September that includes 3-6 days of running (dependent on mileage plan) with 2 days of strength training. Includes monthly group Zoom calls and unlimited email contact with your coaches.

For locals, one on course group run will take place in August and you will also receive a discount to attend classes at Team Sparkle Gym and/or participate in Team Sparkle’s Hill Group in the Spring. 

Winter Maintenance Training

Winter running can be tough, and sometimes we need a little help with a plan.

This is a 4-month training plan with 3 mid week runs and. a basic strength plan geared towards runners. Includes 4 group runs in the KC Midtown Area.

There are three plans available:

  • 3-5 mile Walk/Run Growth Program
  • 10K Long Run Base
  • 10-15 mile Long Run Base