Training Plans

Team Sparkle Coaches are committed to ensuring that you are as prepared as possible to meet your running goals. For this reason, we have some guidelines for writing training plans. If you are looking for a training plan rather than full coaching services, we require a consultation meeting in order to write a plan and answer any race/event specific questions you may have. 
Due to the amount of nuance involved in 100 mile races, we only offer full coaching for distances of 100 miles or greater. 
You may book an hour consultation to ask questions and get advice on your training if you feel you could use a confidence boost in ensuring you’re heading in the right direction, or want information about things you may not have accounted for. 
Consultations are invoiced at $65 an hour and must be paid in advance with a minimum notice of 24 hour consultation. Plans start at $100 dollars and vary based on length and detail. In the event that a consult leads to a written plan, the $65 consult fee will be accounted for in the rate. 

It's Not Luck, We Train For This

Email for more information or to setup a meeting.