Run One or Run Them All

Tour De Trail 2022 Registration Open

Tour de Trail 2022

Tour De Trail is a series of trail races throughout the Kansas City Area ranging in distance from 4-6 miles each.  Run one, or run them all.  Due to the nature of trail running in the Kansas City area, there is always the possibility of trail closures due to rain.  We will have an alternate course option in the event of a closed trail.  Alternate courses will be either cross country, or paved trail.

**NEW FOR 2022: Each race will have its own podium awards.  There will be top three awards for both male and female (see our non-binary policy for related awards structure).  There will NOT be an overall series winner.  



You may register for the series as a whole, or you may register for individual races.

If you register for the series as a whole, registration is $195 until May 28.  May 29-June 14 (full series registration close) is $220, $25 of which will be donated to Urban Trail Co.

Singular races are $45 each.  Three weeks prior to the stage, the price increases to $50.  $5 of which will be donated to Urban Trail Co.

Canine runners may be registered for $5 on race day at bib pickup ($5 goes to Urban Trail Co).

Jason Silvers 2019 Race Review of Tour de Trail Kill Creek

We will use clock timing. Results will be available through


Due to Covid precautions, water will only be provided at the Start/Finish area.  We will have bottled water and sparkling water and bananas available at the finish.  We’re balancing our desire to be as green as possible with our desire to keep our runners safe so please bring your own water whenever possible.

We do not require participants to run with water, though we highly recommend it, particularly in the summer months.  You must provide your own hydration device such as a handheld or hydration vest. 

Race Rules:

NO Littering!  Please be sure that you pack out any gu wrappers, tissues or bottles that you use on course.  Litterers will be subject to public flogging and humiliation (and disqualification).  
No poles allowed (contact RD’s if medical/extenuating circumstances)
No alcohol allowed in Kansas parks
Dogs allowed.  Dogs must be leashed and under control at all times and you must pick up after your dog.  Runners will be subject to disqualification if these rules are not adhered to.  Dogs must be registered, paid for and wear a number.  
This is a cupless event.  You are responsible for providing your own hydration device (see aid section).
Course must be followed as marked.  If any portion of the course is cut, runners will be disqualified.  If you get off course you must backtrack and follow the proper course.  
Markings: Course will be marked using distinctive flagging/markings and will be explained in the pre race briefing.
Road crossings: some of the races will have road crossings.  Volunteers will be stationed at crossings, but runners are responsible for their own safe crossing.  Please check carefully for cars and/or bikes.  Parks and roads will remain open during the races, so please be polite and courteous to other trail users you may encounter.
Personal music devices are allowed as long as headphones are used and you maintain a volume that allows you to hear other runners.  We recommend either one earbud or bone conducting headphones.  NO SPEAKERS.  These are single track courses and passing will be tight, please be courteous to other runners and stay alert.  
Passing: Allow runners in front of you to know that you would like to pass and then pass on the left when it is safe to do so.  On out and back sections, yield to the person returning to the start/finish area.
Kids are welcome to register.  Kids under 12 must be accompanied by an adult for the entirety of the race course.  

Map & GPX Files:
Info will be sent out to registered runners via email prior to the race dates

Tour De Trail PDF Maps

Shawnee Mission North GPX Link

Kill Creek GPX Link

Shawnee Mission South GPX Link

Lexington Lake GPX Link **Available soon**

Cedar Niles GPX Link **Available soon**


Runners will receive a sticker branded specifically for each trail system/race.  
Shirts are available for purchase upon registration.  You may select either race morning pickup or shipping.  
All registrants will receive a neck gaiter.  Gaiters are one per person regardless of how many TDT stages are run.  
Athletes who COMPLETE all five races in the series will receive a series finisher ballcap.  (You must complete all five races, registration alone does not count.)


Runners who complete trail work through Urban Trail Co in 2022 may redeem it for a discount for future events.  For each hour of trail work (up to 8 hours) you will receive $5 credited to your runreg account to use for future Team Sparkle Productions events.  Trail work must be signed off by a UTC trail work lead or trail steward. 


Each race will have first, second, and third male and female awards.

Non-binary policy for related award information


  • 6:00-6:45 AM bib pickup starts.  Please maintain social distancing while picking up bibs.  
  • 7:00 AM race start
  • 11:00 AM cutoff.  We must be strict on this cutoff due to our permit from the park.  Please understand that if you come in beyond the 11AM mark, we will be taking down the finish line stuff because we have to, not because we are impatient to go home.  We will be there to cheer you on no matter what!

COVID Precautions:


Covid rates are constantly shifting.  That means that precautions shift as well.  We will notify all registrants of any changes, such as needs for wave starts, masking requirements, etc. if they become applicable.  We thank you for your understanding and desire to keep our community safe!