Client Endorsements

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I reached out to Team Sparkle for a training plan at the beginning of 2018. I had two goal races that year: a 50 miler and 100 miler. Although I had completed those distances in the past, I was not satisfied with my preparation and how beat up my body was afterwards. I knew I would be better if I could be accountable to someone during training. Leia provided a plan that took my running experience into consideration but helped plan the right training run distances at the right times, as well as strength work. I trusted and followed the plan. It was a relief not to wonder if I was doing it right and to let her handle that piece. I was so pleased to PR my 50 miler by almost two hours and my 100 miler by 5 hours (!). Best of all, my body held up well during both races, and I recovered quickly. I also have to mention how fun it is to work with Leia and Coleen.

Ashley Shaw

Working with Coleen Shaw-Voeks has allowed me to get the most out of racing and strength training.  I’m not a naturally gifted runner.  But working with her allowed me to get under a 2 hour half-marathon after trying on my own for that goal for two years.  Now, I am getting to experience world-class trail running events like Leadville and Bandera without embarassing myself.  By integrating strength training, I can climb all the hills and recover quickly.  Moreover, she understands what I am trying to get out of my running rather than forcing me into distances that I can’t handle.  At the age of 50, I am stronger now overall than I’ve been in at least twenty years.

Jay Antle

The weekly training schedules and strength training I receive from Team Sparkle has given me the confidence and ability to complete multiple ultramarathons.  Coleen’s exuberance is infectious and she clearly loves what she does.

Wes Baker

I’m currently in my 3rd training session with Team Sparkle. As a person who is highly competitive with himself it was thrilling to hit an optimistic goal in my first marathon, and beat my previous half marathon PR by over 7 minutes through training with Coleen and Leia. That said, the reason I continue to train with them is their focus on sustainable training plans that help me prevent injury, and burnout. I’d recommend them to a runner of any ability level who is looking to establish running as a more consistent piece of their life.

Drew Clausen

I’ve been an ultra-runner for a long time.  Sometimes I’ve trained on my own without guidance and sometimes I’ve had a coach and a training plan.  I will say the races that I’ve used a coach have been my most successful! I’m also a running coach myself, so I know how to write a training plan, but I also know that I need accountability and don’t want to think about what I need to do.  So when I decided to run another 100-miler in 2018, I wanted to have someone else coach me, someone I’ve worked with before, who knows me. That’s why I chose Coleen and Leia from Team Sparkle. Their training plan for me was spot on for my race!  I was the strongest I had ever been and running more training mileage than any other race, but it was exactly what I needed. I completed Ozark Trail 100 more than 20 minutes under my goal time, still running strong at the end!

Nikki Parkhurst

I first worked with Team Sparkle Productions as part of their Sander Saunters 50k group training. Early on in the training, it became apparent that I was not going to be able to dedicate enough time to the trails and needed to do a road race instead. Coleen and Leia were very supportive of this decision and ended up tailoring my training to a 3-day stage race that I chose to do in Las Vegas. Their training and support enabled me to not only complete my races (50k, half marathon, and 10k), but feel good at the end of all 3 as well! I finished first female in all 3 races and was competitive due to the extensive training and knowledge that was shared with me. I have been running since high school, and am currently in the best running shape of my life due to the group and private training I am receiving from Team Sparkle Productions!

Katie Levasseur

I highly recommend both Leia and Coleen as coaches. My situation was unique in that I had an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder when I started working with Coleen. We would adjust the training as needed to fit what was going on with my body based on the weekly feedback. My diagnosis was due to the fact I was working with Coleen and she had other athletes with similar issues that I went to the doctor under her orders. After some tests he figured out what was going on. Once I had my diagnosis, Coleen worked with me and the limitations that came with my particular disease to structure a solid training plan. Two months after finding out about my disease, she coached me to my first 50 mile race finish. Since then I have also completed another 50 mile and 100k. 5 stars – absolutely recommend.